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Kendall & Starla Bridges

Kendall & Starla Bridges

Kendall and Starla Bridges met in Bible College in August 1981, married in August 1982, had their first of four children in August 1983. They have two sons and two daughters, all married, beautiful and world changers. They have nine grandchildren that are the best ever! So much fun! 3 boys and 6 girls, who call them “Pops and Shoobie.” They pastor Freedom Church in Carrollton, Texas, where their mission is “helping people find freedom.” If you’re ever in the Dallas area they would love for you to visit.

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Kendall and Starla authored their first book together Better Marriage Against All Odds telling their story of being married, broken, and then restored (available on Amazon). They also travel and speak at marriage conferences, date nights and weekend services to share their story as well as equip couples to have the beautiful, better marriage God intended for all of us to have.

You can follow their journey at, @bettermarriage365 , or on Facebook Better Marriage 365!

Since, “What’s your story?” seems to be the question we’ve heard hundreds of times in the last several years, we decided to tell our story. It’s not pretty; it’s uncomfortable, but it is who we are. Everyone has a story, but not everyone is willing to remove the veil and tell it.

In the pages of our book, "Better Marriage," you will hear our story told from both sides. Our styles are different, but our story is the same. Then, we’ll come together to help encourage you to build a better marriage by giving you practical steps to take in order to live out the marriage God intended for you to have.

Our desire, our goal, our purpose is to help others. Believe us, we take no personal joy from sharing our ugliest moments as a couple, but there is great joy in knowing that in some small way we have helped someone know that they are not alone. There is hope for a better marriage, and you will get through this one step, one day, and one victory at a time.


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Sun, Aug 18, 2019
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In this message from the Renew Conference, Kendall & Starla Bridges speak from their hears about the renewal and restoration that God can provide to a marriage and family.

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