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Cultivation Classes are our version of discipleship. They challenge you to grow in God's Word and in your journey as a Christ-follower. Each round of classes runs for eight weeks with up to 20 people per class.


Take a glimpse into our adult discipleship classes.


Here's what we're offering this round:


Adam & Ceci Gonzalez | Fellowship Hall

According to Charles Swindoll, Paul's letter to the church in Rome has inspired countless believers, declares our essential beliefs, and establishes our agenda as Christ's disciples. We will study Romans with particular emphasis on our everyday application of the book.

Authentic Faith

Pastor Landon Orrill | Auditorium

A faith without action and without life change is ultimately a dead faith. Utilizing Francis Chan’s study on the book of James, you will be challenged to move beyond a private, intellectual knowledge of God and His Word, to a vibrant faith that impacts every area of your life.

Awakening Grandparents (Ages 55+)

John Showalter | RM 102

Grandparents play a unique and profoundly influential role in the lives of grandchildren – second only to parents. Today's grandparents don't consider themselves to be "seniors" in the traditional sense. They are generally healthier and more vital than any other generation of grandparents in history. This class is geared for those who are age 55 plus, but is open to all.

Proverbs: Guidebook for Life

Adina Weimer | RM 103

Together we will explore principles that God wants us to teach our children, insight into godly business practices, and how to live lives of integrity. We will learn how this ancient wisdom book applies to our everyday lives on a personal level, as well as in our families, friendships, and jobs.

Young Adults (Ages 18 - 30)

Jacob Gonzalez | RM 104

Join us as we do an in-depth study on a book from God’s Word.

When We Meet

Wednesdays @ 7P | Classrooms & Auditorium


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